Cayman B GPS Gen 1.5 24V 80lbs thrust 60″ shaft

24V 80lbs thrust 60″ shaft, 45A maximum draw, height adjustable 316 stainless steel shaft. Weight: 18.1kgs. Spot lock on hand remote and can also be controlled using Helmsman APP on Android or IOS device including Apple Smart Watch.


Helmsman  has heap of great  features and functions such as mapping (graphical and satellite views), anchor lock, route record and replay (save as many unlimited length routes as you  wish), heading lock and cruise control. Comes with wireless hand remote with charging cable and lanyard, velcro travel strap, 2 sets of hardware fixings and lock-nut hand tool. Suitable for boats up to 7.5M. In fact, we have users with them on boat up to  8.0M!

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Power – Max: 660W

Amp – Max: 45A

Depth adjustment: depth collar

Prop type: 3-blade

Prop speed at full power: 1250 RPM underwater

Battery type required: (DC12V/DC24V) 2 x 100AH 12V deep cycle or 1 x 24V 75/110/150Ah lithium (now available)

Battery status: 3 levels

Decibel level: 50dB

Shaft length: 1520mm (60”)

Shaft type: 316 stainless steel shaft

Weight: 18.1 kgs

Maximum boat length: 7.5M


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