Matching Motor Thrust for Your BoaT

A number of factors determine which model Haswing trolling motor is best suited to your boat such as boat weight, length and type of boat. Some boats have a primary petrol motor to propel the boat but an electric bow mount trolling motor provides for quiet motoring when fishing and for ‘anchoring’ the boat without having to actually drop an anchor and possibly scarring the fish. Or the electric trolling motor may be the primary propulsion method and mounted to the transom such as an inflatable tender, small tinnie or kayak.

Fishing conditions also play a big part as to which model to buy. If you fish on lakes where there is no current a lower thrust model would do the job, whereas if you want to ‘anchor’ in a river or a channel against the current, as larger capacity model will be better suited to the task. Typically an 80lbs thrust 24V motor which requires two 12V batteries or 1 x 24V lithium battery to provide significantly longer running time compared to say a 12v 40lbs thrust model that may have to work harder and hence draw more current to achieve the same result. A lithium battery will typically provide more power and much longer runs times compared to AGM batteries.

General Thrust Guidelines

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