Scott Dunlop

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“So this is a new PB for my 12 year old son Sam. This Windamere Dam yellow belly was just over 60cm, it was released safely after this photo.

It was caught using the Haswing Cayman GPS slowly trolling the timber edges. This motor has been a game changer especially in the wind. You can set a course and 

a speed and the motor does the rest. It keeps the boat going where you want it, not where the wind tries to point it.

I have looked at more expensive electric motors but this has more features and was way cheaper.

Having control of the motor with either the phone or the fob means when there is two in the boat, either can control it if the other is onto a fish.

The morning this fish was caught was extremely foggy with limited visibility, we were able to use a pre-recorded trail to navigate safely out from camp.

The motor has more than enough oomph to move my Polycraft 4.1m”


Scott Dunlop, Haswing Cayman GPS Owner

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Haswing Australia Image

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Haswing Australia Image

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