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What some haswing owners have to say..

“What can I say about the Haswing GPS motor? After fishing bream tournaments for 8 years with my trusty old cable steer Motorguide it was time to upgrade to a spot lock electric motor.

After doing a lot of reading about pros and cons of the 3 or 4 main brands I had made my decision. That was until I stumbled across the Haswing. I did more research and heard some very good feedback. I thought for the price I’d be silly not to give it a try. So I bought one. Wow, I couldn’t be happier.

To be honest, coming from a cable steer a GPS model type motor was always going to be a huge step up but I am amazed at how good this motor is. It’s quiet, simple to use and really powerful. I went fishing with a mate who has one-of the other more expensive brands and the wind was blowing hard . He said let’s see how the GPS works vs mine. Our boats are pretty similar so we motored to the mouth of the lake in the full wind with no protection, sitting side by side we both hit spot lock/ anchor. We were both shocked at how responsive mine was compared to his straight away.

 I virtually didn’t move hardly at all where as his was a lot slower to react and was always moving. My mate was properly impressed.

We went fishing again a few weeks later and used my boat, it was the first time he’d used the Bluetooth foot pedal and said this is unreal, I didn’t know any different coming from a cable steer to it but he was amazed at how user friendly, responsive and robust it is. My son uses the Bluetooth lanyard remote from the back of the boat when we fish together while I use the foot pedal. I couldn’t be happier with this product. Two of my tournament mates are now upgrading when the new model comes out after using mine. What an awesome product!” Jason Bird - Geelong

“So this is a new PB for my 12 year old son Sam. This Windamere Dam yellow belly was just over 60cm, it was released safely after this photo.

It was caught using the Haswing Cayman GPS slowly trolling the timber edges. This motor has been a game changer especially in the wind. You can set a course and 

a speed and the motor does the rest. It keeps the boat going where you want it, not where the wind tries to point it.

I have looked at more expensive electric motors but this has more features and was way cheaper.

Having control of the motor with either the phone or the fob means when there is two in the boat, either can control it if the other is onto a fish.

The morning this fish was caught was extremely foggy with limited visibility, we were able to use a pre-recorded trail to navigate safely out from camp.

The motor has more than enough oomph to move my Polycraft 4.1m”

Regards, Scott Dunlop

Mick Horn - Ventura 5.0

Just a big shout out to Haswing Australia for awesome service. I live in Darwin NT and have a Haswing 54 pound electric motor with  the anchor lock for the phone app. Before I found these guys on Facebook, my electric motor was crap for anchor lock, it would literally do donuts on the water and look stupid. That's the only issue I had with this motor until now after a few messages and phone calls to these blokes and found out that my electronic motor needed a update. So sent the parts to Haswing Australia to get updated and finally got it on the water yesterday for its test run and damn, it blew me away. We have huge tides up here in Darwin up to 7mtr tide movements, yesterday was about 4mtr tide movement and wanted to take the wife bottom bouncing. Well normally I use the reef anchor for this and decided to use the anchor lock on the Haswing motor, well it blew me away. It held it spot on a 4mtr boat loaded up in a strong tide and some nasty weather and with out fail it did its job way better than I thought. It didn't move at all and kept me on top of the fish every time. So to these guys hats off for your awesome work on sorting me out and all the phone calls keeping me updated and checking on how things are going, bloody awesome customer service. For anyone looking at these products with the GPS get one they punch well above their weight, really reliable and dirt cheap compared to other brands and they hold their own against the best. Bloody love my unit?

Cheers boys all the way from Steve, Darwin

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