InfinitiPower lithium batteries

Why are InfinitiPower lithium batteries better? The secret to superior performance and long life is in the BMS (battery management system) that has been developed right here in Australia by leading lithium battery specialist engineers. The cells are manufactured in a state-of-the-art robotic-production facility that ensures only the highest quality prismatic lithium cells are produced time after time. Combined with the most advanced BMS hardware and software available internationally and you have the best lithium batteries optimised for use with electric outboards and trolling motors available anywhere in the world.

We offer an extensive range of voltages - 12, 24, 36 & 48 from 12V (75-400Ah) to the 48V (50-150Ah) models including the Freedom Power Pack range that are an all-in-one single battery solution for boating and camping featuring built-in connections and even a DC-DC charger, and can also be used to charge a car battery should it go flat. We compliment the batteries with a comprehensive range of optimised AC-DC and DC-DC charging solutions as well. And of course InfinitiPower batteries are backed by a 36-month warranty.

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Optimised for electric outboards and trolling motors

  1. At least half but usually a third of the weight of AGM;  one lithium can equal 3 x AGM in performance but weighs a third
  2. More power through deeper depth of discharge (DOD), up to 90%
  3. More capacity - up to 48V & 200Ah in a single battery
  4. Greater lifespan - up to 5,000 recycles; expect 10 years or more of service
  5. Faster to charge - able to accept higher input current for faster charging times
  6. Cost - cheaper to own over the life of the battery

Disadvantages of lithium

Mmmmm........we can't think of any!





Lithium 20kgs

AGM 3 x 30.4kgs = 61.2kgs

Weight difference Power curve Meet the family

SL series - slim line for compact spaces

SP series - value series, high-end features at competitive pricing

FPP series - the great all-rounder for camping and boating

HP series - top end features with advanced BMS

Advantages of lithium Audible warning

View battery status at a glance and receive audible warnings when battery reaches certain discharge levels. Not on all models but external version of metre is also available.

Meet the SL Family Datasheet.pdf Meet the SP Family Datasheet.pdf Meet the HP Family Datasheet.pdf
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