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Introducing the QuickConnect product range of universal wiring harnesses suitable for any brand of electric trolling motor. It facilitates permanent connection to the on-board deep cycle battery or batteries in your boat and provides a positive waterproof connection at all times. Easy to connect and disconnect the motor from the power source. We also now distribute Sterling and Baintech charging system for car to boat/caravan or on-board DC-DC chargers to top-up deep cycle batteries from the outboard motor’s alternator via the cranking battery.

Quickconnect kit

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1.4M of high-quality tin cable and terminal connectors between QuickConnect plate and the battery. Attach the male plug to the cables from the electric trolling motor or electric outboard. Rated to 50A. Included: QuickConnect Female Plate with rubber gasket and cable and terminal connected, Male Plug, Connecting Ring, Screw-on Cover Cap, 6 x 316 stainless steel screws and washer.    

RRP AUD$89.00

SKU - INQC-01-50

anderson plug kit

2 x 50A 600V Anderson Plugs and quality terminals.

RRP AUD$9.90

SKU - INAP-50-2


2.5M of high-quality tin cable connecting an Anderson plug at one end and a QuickConnect male plug at the other. Perfect for charging boat batteries from vehicle’s DC-DC charging system such as a Baintech 40A DC-DC Charger.

RRP AUD$49.90


Baintech 40A dc-dc charger

3-stage 12V DC-DC battery charger suitable for: flooded cell, lithium, AGM/GEL and lead crystal batteries. Compact rugged design with screw-on mounting points Operating temperatures of up to 70oC, so suitable for under-hood installation.  Charge boat batteries from the vehicle whilst driving. Supplied with easy-attach Velcro so can avoid drilling holes to mount in the vehicle.  

RRP AUD$499.95


Sterling pro charger b chargers

4-stage 12V - 48V (model dependent) of up to 28V constant current on-board waterproof DC charger designed to charge accessory batteries from the crank battery. Pre-wired with high-quality heavy-duty cables fitted with fuses. Up to 60% faster & better charging ability compared to MinnKota DC charger due to being constant current. Supports - flooded lead acid, lead crystal, GEL, AGM & LiFePO4 (LIPO) up to 200Ah at 12V.     

RRP AUD$498.00

SKU - BBW1224 (12 to 24V DC charger )

RRP AUD$498.00

SKU - BBW1236 (12 to 36V DC charger)

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