Bow Mount Models

Control - Wireless FOB remote (standard) with spot lock function, Helmsman APP (standard), Apple Smart Watch control, wireless foot pedal (optional)

Power - Max: 660W/1080W

Amp - Max: 50A/45A

Depth adjustment: depth collar

Prop type: 50736 - 3-blade/9.3”, 50737 - 2-blade/11.4”

Prop speed at full power: 50736 - 1250 RPM underwater

                                     50737 - 1500 RPM underwater

Battery type required: (DC12V/DC24V)

50736 - 1 x 100AH 12V deep cycle or 1 x 12V 75/110/150/225/300Ah lithium (now available)

50737 - 2 x 100AH 12V deep cycle or 1 x 24V 75/110/150Ah lithium (now available)

Battery status: 3 levels

Decibel level: 50dB

Shaft length: 50736 1370mm (54”)/1520mm (60”),  50737 1520mm (60”)/1830mm (72”)

Shaft type: 50736 - cast aluminium, 50737 - 316 stainless steel

Weight: 13.9/14.1 / 18.1/18.7kgs

Maximum boat length: 50736 - 5.5M, 50737 - 7.5M

SKU - 12V 55lbs 50736-G1.5-137 (54”) / 50736-G1.6-152 (60”)

 24V 80lbs 50737-G1.5-152 (60”) / 50737-G1.5-183 (72”)   

360o steering

Collar for depth adjustment

Deploy pedal

Wireless remote (standard inclusion) On/Off, Speed (Up/Down), Full speed, Steer Left/Right, Spot lock, Pairing

Anti-impact propeller

Fresh & salt water compatible!

Helmsman APP (download from site) for Android or Apple devices - On/Off, Speed control, Full speed, Steer Left/Right, Anchor Lock, Jog Lock, Record and retrace route, GPS navigation, Cruise control, Heading Lock, Pairing

Wireless Foot Controller (optional) - LCD display, On/Off, Speed (Up/Down), Full speed, Steer Left/Right, Pairing

Cayman B GPS

RRP 50736G1.5 AUD$1,999/$2,199, 50737-G1.5 $2,799 & $2,999

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Wireless Foot Pedals 12V model from $1,999 with bonus   Push n lock kit valued at $89.90.

Smooth deploy/retrieve action

Also available in black - only brand to offer white and black saltwater versions

Helmsman Connection Troubleshooting

Helmsman Apple Smart Watch app - free to download from App Store

Now with spot on the remote

Click button below to download Helmsman APP

Optional 12V or 24V 75/110/150Ah lithium battery

Fishing News_Haswing Cayman B_July 2020.pdf

Product Review

User Manual

Helmsman User Guide

Helmsman-Quick-Start-Guide rev1.1.pdf
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